JAIRAM STRAP packaging solution understands the core manufacturing process rehabilitating the actual purpose of its application and providing the prescribed solutions. The uniquely tailored way of packaging provides credential and support to your organization, triangulating performance, economy, and safety to our clients. JAIRAM STRAP manufactures diversified specialized expertise, innovative thinking and value-added products, to meet the critical specification of varied global industries.

Within the Polymer industry since 1986, Jairam Group of Companies has attained 32 glorious years of manufacturing experience with Plastic and Polymer Products. With an outstanding achievement, Jairam Group of Companies now withstands 10 manufacturing Industries, including major contemporary performers catering to more than 86000 Industries within India and holds a commanding approach in the global market.

JAIRAM STRAP was one of the PET Strap manufacturers in Metoda GIDC, Rajkot, Gujarat established in the year 2009, holds the leading manufacturer and exporter of PET Strap throughout India and credential share in the Global Market.








Monthly capacity

600 MT

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Who we are

Who We Are

JAIRAM STRAP Pvt Ltd, founded in 2009, is a leading manufacturer and exporter of plastic strapping for a wide range of bundling and unitizing applications. We have spent quality time after developing a reputation for innovation, quality, and excellent customer services since years. Our uncompromising standards have resulted in high quality strapping regularly outperforming the competition. Based in Rajkot, Metoda GIDC, we cater entire West Coast of India, provinces of South India and Major North Segment. Our Product can be seen in more than 1000 Industries throughout India.

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Widely used in Auto & Motorcycle, Food, Pharmaceutical, Electrical Appliances, Electronic, Light Industries, etc.

Virgin Polypropylene are used in production of PP strap, stable mechanical and physical properties of products, uniform weight per meter, stable strap thickness, skewness of product does not exceed 15mm/meter; good overall performance.

Composite Strap (Cord Strap) is the latest development in non-metallic shipping strapping technology and most commonly used. Made from High Tensity Polyester Filament yarns embedded in a polymer coating, Composite strapping is often referred to as “Synthetic Steel”.

Incorporating all the benefits of bonded and woven poly strapping, Composite strapping offers additional advantages like high abrasion resistance and the highest possible joint efficiency in the buckle.

Jairam Strap Pvt Ltd manufactures a wide selection of cast stretch film for different applications and machine types. Made from virgin polyethylene and the best raw materials in our advanced Austria-made film casting lines, our films have extreme strength and stretchability

Power PE-100/150/200/300/400 is a three-layer polyethylene cast stretch film for machine use. It is best suited for use in semi-automatic pallet wrapping machines.

PET pneumatic strapping tool is a friction weld strapping tool, bounding the overlap thermoplastic PET strap by heat generated by movment friction, so called “friction welding” , mainly used in strapping medium and heavy objects package require heavy tightening force. It is sidely used in steel, wood, stone, chemical fibre, textile and other products packaging.