– Less expensive compared to steel strapping
– Non-abrasive, non-marring
– Safer to use, handle, and dispose
– Requires one tool to tension
– Up to 4X lighter, easier to carry
– Can be hand tied in some cases
– Clean, will not stain or rust
– Edge guards may not be needed
– Elastic memory keeps loads tight
– AAR approved sizes available

Composite Strap (Cord Strap) is the latest development in non-metallic shipping strapping technology and most commonly used. Made from High Tensity Polyester Filament yarns embedded in a polymer coating, Composite strapping is often referred to as “Synthetic Steel”.

Incorporating all the benefits of bonded and woven poly strapping, Composite strapping offers additional advantages like high abrasion resistance and the highest possible joint efficiency in the buckle. These capabilities are completely unaffected by climatic circumstances. Composite Strap offers the highest printing quality and can be supplied in a wide variety of fine colors.

Composite Strap can be applied in a limitless number of applications. It is known to be the safer,stronger, easier to use and cost effective alternative to almost all applications where steel strapping is currently being used.

Technical Overview

Product code Width (in mm) Thickness (in mm) Break strength (in kg) Coil Length (in m) Core Diameter (in mm) Coils per Pallette
JS-CC13 13 0.85 200 1100 200 90
JS-CC16 16 0.85 330 850 200 90
JS-CC19 19 0.85 360 700 200 60
JS-CC25 25 1.0 730 500 200 90
JS-CC32 32 1.25 1400 300 200 60